James Read

Chief Creative Officer

James Read, Senior VP Creative, BDI

James believes that technology and other changes in society today are creating one of the most exciting eras for fundraising. With more than 30 years of experience, James empowers nonprofits and cause-driven organizations to communicate their world-changing ideas in ways that inspire and motivate people. He has served more than 50 organizations in the United States, Canada and Great Britain and helped organizations raise more than a billion dollars. James’s experience includes work for American Red Cross, Muscular Dystrophy Association, World Vision, The Salvation Army and the University of Chicago, along with numerous rescue missions, food banks, cancer centers, humane societies and Christian ministries.

In his role as Chief Creative Officer and member of BDI’s Executive Team, James champions creative marketing solutions that break through the noise in a fast-paced world. As the leader of our Creative Team, he is devoted to empowering staff to flourish in their individual creativity – which collectively strengthens our agency in reaching its goals. He guides BDI’s development of creative solutions that help our client partners tell their story, strengthen their brand and raise more money to make a lasting impact on lives in their communities.

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