Releasing Generosity

Somewhere a heart is crying…

An older man who just lost his job…
A single mom who is struggling to feed her children…
A lonely child who dreams of having a mom and dad…
A struggling family facing the challenge of poverty…

BDI was founded in response to these cries. The heartbeat of our organization focuses on nonprofit fundraising that releases generosity to help a hurting world. But we don’t accomplish this alone. Our calling drives us to partner with cause and faith-driven organizations that reach out to the most vulnerable people in your community and around the world. The result: More lives changed.

African children drawing

Connecting those who
have with those who need.

Fundraising for nonprofits is about more than raising money… It’s about connecting generous hearts with your community’s greatest needs. We pursue a world in which abundant generosity solves our greatest challenges, empowers our greatest impact, and fulfills our greatest dreams.

Your cause matters to us like it’s our own. As we partner together, we promise to let these principles guide us.

Core Principle #1: Abundance, Not Scarcity

BDI believes that generosity exists in every heart, just waiting to be released. We approach fundraising for nonprofits from a perspective of abundant resources: There are plenty of generous people across the globe who want to help others.

Core Principle #2: Opportunity Meets Capacity – for Great Impact

As a fundraising marketing agency, BDI believes in the tremendous impact that occurs when an authentic case for support is met with people’s desire to be part of the redemptive upside of humanity. To make these connections, we actively engage donors where they live and interact, communicate clearly with value-driven language, and make the journey engaging, fun and rewarding.

Core Principle #3: Missionally Aligned

BDI believes in working alongside cause- and faith-driven organizations who are aligned with our values, committed to their work and share our vision to help heal a hurting world.

Core Principle #4: Stronger Together

BDI believes that we’re both stronger and more effective by serving together as partners in ministry. Time after time, we’ve seen exponential results because of the collaboration and leveraging of the talents among our client partners.

Core Principle #5: Responsible Stewardship

BDI believes that relationships are our greatest priority – with our client partners and within our staff team. We value each team member’s God-given gifts and talents, and celebrate how our individual expertise complements one another and contributes to a strong team. These working relationships internally help us serve better externally as a fundraising agency.

As we labor together, it’s the relationships formed that supercharges our teams – the journey side-by-side, rather than the destination alone.

A heart for growth

The most help for those with the least.

Since BDI began, we’ve helped fundraise over 1 billion dollars for nonprofit organizations serving in the US, Canada and internationally. We can’t even begin to calculate the lives that have been transformed!

Helping you reach and exceed your organization’s goals is our commitment and passion. Through innovative strategies, the support of seasoned specialists and our innovative, omni-channel fundraising programs, we empower you to achieve greater results for greater impact.

Pssst… people are talking about us.

“They work with us to create unique solutions that truly reflect the heart of our ministry, and the excellent results of those projects provide the financial foundation for our work.”

Phil Altmeyer, Executive Director | Union Gospel Mission Spokane

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Pssst… people are talking about us.

“Working with the team at BDI has improved everything we do! BDI helped bring industry best practices and strategic discipline to our digital and direct mail fundraising. Their thoughtfulness about our brand, culture and donor interests took us to the next level. We’re seeing results we never could have gotten without their help!”

Aaron Atwood, VP of Advancement | Summit Ministries

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Pssst… people are talking about us.

“Year over year, our annual direct mail acquisition program generated 44% more responses and increased revenue by 35%.”

Aubrey Calhoun, Executive Director | Buffalo City Mission

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Pssst… people are talking about us.

“What we’ve come from was just direct mail, we’re now doing digital media and that took off like wildfire it’s just been amazing… it was the first time we had ever done it, and it went so smooth!”

Eileen Trussell, Development Director | Union Gospel Mission of Sacramento

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Pssst… people are talking about us.

“You guys care about us first as people, and that is worth more than all of the beautiful, wonderful, holy things you guys have ever done for us.”

Dan Wolf, Development Director | Peoria Rescue Ministires

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