AI & Nonprofit Fundraising

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BDI believes that AI is a transformative tool for nonprofit work. 

By leveraging AI, we can represent the unseen struggles of the people our client partners serve. 

Our vision is to help more people in your community understand the truly amazing transformations that are taking place at your organization through AI-generated imagery, video and copy that touches hearts and inspires action!

AI generated picture of a homeless mom and her two children

Ai generated photo of a homeless mom and her baby

AI generated image of a homeless woman

Examples of award-winning imagery BDI created using AI.
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How does BDI use AI?

New AI tools are being developed every day. Our team rigorously tests and researches the capabilities and appropriate applications of AI before use on behalf of our nonprofit partners.

Here are some of the key ways we are using AI currently:

Data-Informed Strategy

AI provides our analytics team with precise insights that help build our content strategies and make effective marketing decisions.

Image and Video Production

BDI’s Creative Team has developed proprietary prompts for customized image and video generation to capture true-to-life struggles that reflect our nonprofit partners’ communities.

Copy Generation

Rather than replacing our Creative Team, AI serves as a valuable assistant to them, providing key insights that elevate our writing and storytelling capabilities.

Social Listening

By conducting deep linguistic analyses of conversations happening on social media and elsewhere online, AI identifies what issues donors and prospects care about most. This data provides direction for testing and tailoring appeals to topics our audiences find motivating.


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