Data & Technology

Your data tells a story…
BDI uncovers it

Your nonprofit’s story is what sets you apart, and your data is a big part of that! 

Understanding who gives to your cause, how they give and why they give is essential for greater performance. How do you harness the power of these data insights? 

BDI doesn’t just share data and numbers with you, and leave you to figure out the rest. As your fundraising agency partner in data and technology, we use cutting-edge tools and AI-powered reporting to provide a robust framework for understanding your unique data story: where you are now and where you’re headed.

Data Lake

Plot & Protect Your Data

You can’t have a good story without a strong plot, and that’s true of your data story!

To tell your best data story, BDI makes sure you have a strong framework in place for capturing that data:

Data Lake

With your permission, BDI automatically backs up your data in one secure location. This allows for up-to-date campaign analysis, donor performance dashboards and segmentation strategies – and eliminates outdated info.

Data Pipelines

As the adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out” – not true with BDI data! Data flows from your source systems through BDI’s data pipelines, where we are consistently cleansing your data.

Data Governance

Your data is both secure and easily accessible with best-practice policies that make sure your data is protected and used correctly.

Unlock More Data Possibilities

When you can better leverage and protect your data, more insights and more opportunities for generous giving become possible!

BDI’s AI-powered framework offers a deeper understanding of your data, so you can anticipate and prepare for your next chapter. Chart the course of your data story and turn the page to increased ROI, better campaign performance and stronger donor engagement!

See what’s possible:

Omni-channel Management

All your data, all in one place! BDI integrates your donor and prospect data across offline and online channels, providing you with a 360-degree view of your metrics.

Campaign Optimization

Together, through BDI’s proprietary modeling tools, we can improve your campaign performance beyond traditional RFM scoring. Our models provide 130 varied data points to help you effectively select the best donors to message.

Machine Learning

What if you could predict a donor’s likelihood to give, upgrade, lapse or become a monthly giver? BDI uses best-fit algorithms to answer these and other critical data questions to optimize your nonprofit fundraising.

Powerful Reporting & Insights

BDI offers intuitive data dashboards powered by AI and helpful visuals that tell your data story. That means you don’t have to be a data geek to find answers to your important questions! 

Uncover concealed trends and discover a deeper understanding of your donors’ behavior through these data insights. Use this knowledge to tailor your fundraising appeals and cultivate greater long-term support.

Meet Your Team

Like any good story, your data story with BDI features key characters who are committed to helping you transform your data into actionable insights.

BDI’s Data & Technology Team is at your service to address any inquiries related to your data. Your dedicated BDI Database Manager can resolve database queries, delve into CRM-related questions and handle any additional data requirements that may arise. You’ll find it wise to keep their contact info readily available!

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