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BDI is a full-service, omni-channel, marketing and fundraising agency for nonprofits. We partner with cause and faith-driven organizations to tap into abundance, igniting generosity that transforms lives, delivers dignity, and inspires hope. The result: more generosity fuels more impact.

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Advanced thinking from our fundraising Thought Leaders

Looking Forward in Philanthropy: A SWOT Provides Clues for What to Expect in 2022

Michael J. Tomlinson

Here’s what nonprofits can expect after 2 unprecedented years of changes in philanthropy  From Michael J. Tomlinson, CEO and President, BDI Read Time: 13 minutes  As one of America’s most…

QUICK SHOT: Is Your Nonprofit Audit Ready?

Anna Wooton

Do not fear! Use this checklist to cover your bases By Anna Wooton, VP Finance Ah, year-end reporting… lately, my inbox has been extra busy with questions from colleagues and…

QUICK SHOT: From Volunteer to Donor: Engagement Strategies & Tips

Tina Wooton

Grow your nonprofit’s volunteer program for lasting support What’s the first step to inspiring generosity in your community?  For me, the first step was becoming a volunteer. Getting involved and…

Why Resilient Leaders Make Imperfect Decisions

Michael J. Tomlinson

A 4-part framework for making decisions in uncertain times From Michael J. Tomlinson (MT), CEO and President, BDI “On an important decision one rarely has 100% of the information needed…

Guest Article: Why Are My Donors Leaving?

Lolly Colombo

Learn the 3 phases of a donor relationship… Introduced by Lolly Colombo, Chief Client Officer Make sure you understand how to speak to the heart of your donors for long-term…

How to Prepare Your Nonprofit for Inflation

Shellie Speer

By Shellie Speer, Senior Vice President, BDI Academy It’s no secret that today’s economy presents additional challenges for nonprofits – rising inflation and costs of living are making it harder…

But That’s Not How I Talk!

Allison Myrick

5 reasons your fundraising writing should NOT read the way your CEO speaks By Allison Myrick, Senior Writer If you’ve been in fundraising more than a few days, chances are…

Board Spotlight: Meet BDI Board Member Mike Pate

Debbie Freeman

Mike challenges us to take roads less traveled. From Debbie Freeman, BDI Contributing Writer “I call myself an inverse paranoid,” says BDI Board Member Mike Pate. “I think everyone is…

3 common fundraising fears and how to face them

James Read

Overcoming these fears is the key to your organization’s success Remember the anxious feeling you had as a child stepping into a spooky, pitch-black room? Or as an adult, the…

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