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How one nonprofit’s partnership with BDI resulted in 76% increase in YOY donations

Innovative nonprofit organizations want to be on the cutting-edge of the latest digital fundraising practices.

Before they partnered with BDI, Raleigh Rescue Mission had been conducting all fundraising in-house to prioritize funding for shelter, meals and recovery services for their community.

Revenue had stagnated, and the Mission was acquiring almost no new long-term donors. The future of their organization, and their ability to serve the community, was at risk. They needed an innovative partner to address these challenges. 

When they found BDI, they aligned with our approach to engage donors and grow revenue for greater impact in their community.

As their potential partner, our goal was to increase their first-quarter revenue and establish a foundation for continued growth.

Over the last 20 years, BDI has been refining our omnichannel approach to nonprofit fundraising – supported by research and testing – using integrated strategies to generate revenue for clients.

Partnering with Raleigh Rescue Mission, we identified key steps needed to optimize their retention and maximize growth according to their goals:

Our Storytellers team captured custom stories and photos of transformation at the Mission, and our Academy team provided development consulting and training. 

At the same time, we developed a data-driven strategy, focused on acquiring and cultivating long-term donor commitment as well as one-time and monthly gifts.

After just one quarter of partnering with BDI, Raleigh Rescue Mission saw tremendous growth in donations from new and existing donors and promising long-term revenue projections:

  • Total Q1 Revenue increase of 15% over the previous year
  • Acquisition of 2,824 new donors  
  • Total number of donations YOY increased by 76% across all channels

Based on LTV of new donors, the Mission is projecting additional revenue of $1,756,528 over 5 years…  and this is just the beginning!  

Read on to explore these results further, and see how these initial months of successful growth are laying the foundation for years of fruitful partnership… 

Raleigh Rescue Mission’s decision to partner with BDI boosted their projected revenue by an additional $1.75 million over 5 years.

Our key strategies to Collect & Incorporate Data and Prioritize Acquisition led to exemplary results in the first quarter of partnership. 

As mentioned before, acquisition campaigns brought in 2,824 new donors between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, 2023. This included 2,273 new direct mail donors – 3.5X the number of donors in the previous four years combined.

Projections based on previous years’ revenue show long-term donor value to be $622.03 per donor over 5 years.

Acquisition: Value of FY24 New Donors
2,824 New Donors x $622 LTDV = $1,756,528 (over next 5 years)

Trust, loyalty and partnership – the keys to long-term success.

By enlisting BDI, Raleigh Rescue Mission expanded their potential for revenue and, most importantly, for greater impact in hurting lives in their community.

To Elevate Campaign Quality and Integrate Creative Channels, we applied our researched and tested program of appeals featuring consistent messaging, testimonies, imagery and tailored brand voice across channels.

Not only did Raleigh Rescue Mission increase revenue, but they built strong bonds with new donors, whose commitment to Raleigh will mean years of faithful support and impact in the community. Their donors are better engaged in the Mission’s cause, and thus, will be more likely to donate financially, volunteer, advocate and pray.

As their partnership with BDI has increased donations, the Mission has also received many heartfelt and deeply personal notes from community members reflecting on their appreciation for the ministry:

A man in front of a church

“My dad always spoke well of Raleigh Rescue Mission, which helped him in a time of need as a homeless alcoholic.” 

-New Donor

“A few years back, I stayed two nights with you, thinking I would be staying for a while. I was blessed to find a job, and a family helped me rent a flat near the job. But years later, it has stuck with me how nice y’all were in a time of desperation. Thank you for all you do so people don’t fall through the cracks.” 

-New Donor

Heidi Caster

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