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Episode 9. Adventures in AI: Part 1 – A Nonprofit’s Intro to Artificial Intelligence

How to harness the power of AI at your organization

In the last 12 months, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, and you’ve likely felt the effects at your organization! 

From the rapid rise of ChatGPT and other AI tools, it can be hard to keep up – and hard to know when and how to dive in. BDI’s Chief Intelligence Officer, Mike Rogers, and Chief Creative Officer, James Read, are eager to help with this nonprofit intro to AI. 

In this podcast episode of Ready Set Give, you’ll learn…

  • A helpful history of AI and intro to how it works
  • Possible applications of AI in nonprofit fundraising
  • How AI can make your nonprofit work more efficient and effective

Listen now to be encouraged and inspired to harness the power of AI at your nonprofit!

  • Katrina Williams

    Katrina Williams, Senior Marketing Manager

    After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree at Azusa Pacific University in 2018, Katrina set out to find an agency that would not only grow her skills in writing and marketing but would serve a greater purpose to help others. It wasn’t long until she found BDI and started her professional career at the agency.

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