Your 5 Top Nonprofit Articles of the Year

2023 Rewind: A look back at fundraising trends & insights!

There’s so much we can learn about the future by looking to the past. This is absolutely true for fundraising and marketing. How can we anticipate what’s ahead without reflecting on the top results, new nonprofit trends and major shifts in philanthropy? 

So let’s look back at BDI’s 5 top nonprofit fundraising and marketing articles of the year… which were a favorite among YOU – our community of nonprofit leaders who read our articles on key trends, strategic tips and news from the world of fundraising and philanthropy. 

Each article in our top 5 includes key fundraising insights that can help prepare and propel your team for what is coming in the new year. So grab your hot cocoa and let’s dive in!

1. Results Update: Lessons from the top 8 nonprofits

Micah Mann

Most nonprofit teams are used to having limited time and resources to use when it comes to growing their organization. Because of this, it can be hard to grow – especially when you’re looking to evolve quickly! In 2017, BDI launched a 5-year study to identify the top strategies that lead nonprofits to significant growth. Here’s what BDI Account Strategist Micah Mann found…

2. Resilient Leaders Drive Successful Outcomes with Thoughtful Communications

Michael Tomlinson, BDI CEO and President

Ahh the ever-present question of, “so what’s next?” In this article, BDI CEO and President, Michael J. Tomlinson, shared his insights on how top-level leaders can effectively communicate sensitive and important information with their teams. Discover how leaders can navigate times of change, better understand who they need to be to their staff and help answer the “so what’s next” questions.

3. 3 Ways Organic Social Media Can Help Your Nonprofit

Amanda Robledo, BDI Account Executive

Did you know, there’s been a 139% increase in social media users since 2019? And it’s only predicted to increase in the years ahead! That’s why it’s becoming more and more important that nonprofits invest time and strategy into having strong social media platforms that engage donors and ultimately increase donations. Check out this article by BDI Associate Account Executive, Amanda Robledo, to learn three important ways your nonprofit can leverage social media today.

4. 5 Tips for Nonprofit Storytelling Interviews

Courtney Hamilton, BDI Writer

When you work at a nonprofit, it can be hard to effectively communicate the value of your organization to donors. One of the best ways to connect your donors to the heart of your brand is through storytelling. Check out this step-by-step guide from BDI Writer Courtney Hamilton to help you gather great stories for your fundraising!

5. Understanding AI-Generated Photography for Nonprofits

Jhovany Quiroz, Producer, video and storytelling.

When we look back at the biggest changes in 2023, AI takes the cake! Especially when it comes to generative AI, the nonprofit world is curious and cautious about AI tools that can play a role in campaign development. Read on for BDI Producer Jhovany Quiroz’s step-by-step guide to AI imagery for nonprofits.

Do you know how to optimize your nonprofit social media for the best seasonal results? As fall leaves make way for winter snowflakes, BDI Digital Marketing Manager, Ashley Prior is sharing important tips to strengthen your social media for year-end success!

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