QUICK SHOT: 8 Tips to Elevate Your Fall Social Media Fundraising

How your nonprofit can take full advantage of social media this fall

By Ashley Prior, Digital Marketing Manager

As the leaves change colors and the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air, our nonprofit clients are gearing up for the fall and year-end fundraising season. Social media has become a crucial tool for nonprofits to 1) engage with their supporters, 2) tell their stories and 3) drive donations. 

Did you know that nonprofits raised over $2.5 billion through social media fundraising in 2022 alone? And that total keeps growing each year. So to help you take advantage of this season, I’m dishing out some fun, fall-themed tips to help your nonprofit fundraising shine on social media during this exciting time.

Tip #1: Pumpkin Spice Up Your Profiles

Just like you’d switch out your summer wardrobe for cozy sweaters, it’s time to update your social media profiles. You can read my article on 7 easy ways to improve your social profile here – but in short, now is the time to update. Add fall-themed visuals, update your profile information to reflect your fundraising goals and craft witty bios that resonate with the autumn vibes. A well-dressed profile grabs attention and sets the tone for your fall social media fundraising efforts.

Tip #2: Unleash the Gold of Visual Storytelling

Nothing captures hearts like a good story. Share success stories from the year, using visuals to bring them to life. Did you know that posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement on social media platforms? Create graphics to show fundraising progress in a visually appealing way. And don’t forget to design fall-themed infographics that break down your Mission’s impact – information presented in an engaging way can leave a lasting impression.

Tip #3: Harvest Hashtags for Maximum Reach

Fall brings a cornucopia of hashtags ripe for the picking. Research and use fall and fundraising-related hashtags to increase your post’s visibility. For a unique twist, did you know that posts with hashtags have 12.6% more engagement compared to those without? Develop your own branded hashtag campaign that encourages supporters to share their own stories. Keep an eye on which hashtags perform best and refine your strategy accordingly.

Tip #4: Gourd-geous Content Calendar Planning

Planning is your secret weapon. Map out a content calendar that aligns with your fundraising milestones. Incorporate fall-themed posts, events and campaigns to keep your followers engaged. Remember, it’s not just about promoting your cause – balance promotional content with posts that educate, entertain and connect with your audience on a personal level.

Tip #5: Fall Into Live Streaming

Put the ‘live’ in ‘alive’ with engaging live streaming sessions. Host Q&A sessions about your nonprofit’s impact to foster transparency. Take followers behind the scenes of your fall preparations and activities to make them feel like part of the journey. And don’t miss the opportunity to host virtual fall-themed fundraising events that allow you to interact with your supporters in real time.

Tip #6: Show How You Are Gratefall

As BDI’s Chief Client Officer Lolly Colombo recently noted, gratitude is never out of season. Use your social media platform to express heartfelt thanks to your donors and supporters. Share user-generated content that highlights the real impact of their contributions. Go the extra mile by creating short video messages from your team to show sincere appreciation for their support.

Tip #7: Rake in Engagement with Interactive Posts

Interactive posts rake in engagement! Host polls, quizzes and challenges with a fall twist. Invite your followers to participate in a “Caption This Fall Photo” contest to bring out their creative side. Encourage them to share their personal fall stories related to your cause – building a sense of community around your mission.

Tip #8: Leaf a Trail to Your Donation Page

Guide your followers toward your donation page like leaves blowing in the wind.

  • Strategically place donation links in your social media profiles.
  • Weave donation calls-to-action within your engaging fall-themed posts. 
  • Connect your fall content to the impact of donations through storytelling, showing supporters how they can make a difference. 

For a really helpful guide on auditing your donation page for maximum effectiveness, check out this article from BDI VP Digital Strategy Stephanie Tippitt. As the fall leaves pave the way for winter snowflakes, let the success of your fall-themed social media fundraising strategies pave the way for a successful year-end season. By incorporating these tips, you’ll build stronger connections with your supporters, showcase your impact and inspire donations that fuel your mission. Remember, these strategies aren’t just for fall – they can carry your nonprofit’s success into the future. Here’s to a fruitful year-end fundraising journey!

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  • Ashley Prior

    Ashley Prior, Digital Marketing Manager

    Prior to joining BDI, Ashley gained extensive digital marketing experience working at both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in marketing and entrepreneurship, she has served at charities nationwide, including the Alzheimer’s Association and several educational organizations. Her work has spanned everything from social media management to email marketing, event planning and public relations.

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