BDI WEBINAR SERIES “The Power of Transformational Partnerships”

Brian Tucker, BDI Vice President, Client Strategy

Do the problems in your community seem overwhelming? You’re not alone. Hear an inspiring story about how community partnerships transformed access to services for hurting people in Fresno, California – and how they can do the same for your community.

  • Brian Tucker

    Brian Tucker, Vice President, Client Strategy

    Brian brings to BDI over 21 years of experience in nonprofit fundraising and marketing. For much of his career, Brian built his expertise in agencies specializing in nonprofit development and fundraising strategy – but he also has experience on the client side, having spent five years at World Vision, an experience that solidified his passion for serving the poor and vulnerable. He’s been a past speaker at AMA Nonprofit Conferences and was a contributing author to Andrew Olsen’s book, 101 Mistakes Nonprofits Make, and How You Can Avoid Them

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