From Good to Great in 5 Years: What do ministries with the largest revenue leaps have in common?

Micah Mann, BDI Strategist/Senior Account Director

Ready to reach new levels of revenue growth at your organization? Learn what factors and strategies contribute to growth among leading nonprofits… and how you can apply these expert tactics to help your organization increase revenue and sustain growth.

  • Micah Mann

    Micah Mann, Strategist/Senior Account Director

    For more than 10 years, Micah has dedicated himself to raising funds for nonprofits, including Rescue Missions, World Vision, Easterseals, Young America’s Foundation and Christian Union. As Founder/Executive Director of Blood for Missions, which supports Christian ministries through blood donations, he grew a team of 25 employees, serving a grassroots network of over 100 Christian schools and churches, including 5 of the largest churches in America.

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