How does BDI help new staff members find their footing?

New employees face a learning curve, no matter what. In nonprofit development – where responsibilities are numerous and diverse – that curve can be extreme. As Kristen began work in the development department, BDI made it a high priority to help her get up to speed and fully supported.

“Working with BDI, all I can say is my experience in the last eight months has been incredible. Everybody has been very understanding, helpful, willing to work with me, to teach me, to train me, to answer all of my questions. It’s been a lifesaver.”

No matter how many times you’ve heard (or said!) that there are no wrong questions, it can still feel daunting to ask for information or assistance. As Kristen joyfully dove into her new role, she sought input from her BDI account specialist to help fill in blind spots.

“We immediately scheduled a call. We sat on for as long as I needed. They walked me through, and ever since then, pretty much any time I call or email, BDI is there without fail.”

BDI’s commitment to our clients’ staff meant that Kristen’s questions were answered quickly and with direct, personal assistance, without her feeling rushed.

“Everybody has been able to get me the training that I need, to get me the answers that I need, to work with me so that I can move forward.”

At the heart of her relationship with BDI, Kristen knows that we are dedicated to helping her thrive in her role. And she knows that we stand at the ready, eager to help however we can.

“If you’re a new development coordinator or new to the development department and you’re working with BDI, do not be afraid to reach out. I am grateful to BDI because they have made my transition and my position seamless. No matter what, I’ve been able to get the help that I need, which is an incredible feeling.”

Want to learn more about how BDI can support your nonprofit’s team as new members join or transition to new departments? Please reach out to Heidi Caster, our Senior Vice President of Client Partnership, today!

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