What is it like to work with BDI?

Our client partners Lou and Sandy Carrico, from the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission, share how God used BDI to strengthen their ministry!

If you’ve never worked with an agency – or even if you have! – you may be wondering, what is it like to work with BDI? 

Continuing our series featuring some of our newest client partners, Lou and Sandy Carrico, from the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission, praise God for this new partnership with BDI. 

The Winston-Salem Rescue Mission joined the BDI team in 2020, right before the pandemic. Even before this crisis, their ministry was facing some huge challenges. 

“Basically, our ministry was on the ropes… we needed a reset,” says Executive Director Lou Carrico. 

At the time, Lou was a brand-new executive director, facing a steep learning curve when it came to nonprofit development. So it seemed like an answer to prayer when the Rescue Mission connected with BDI. Lou says:

“He [the Lord] used BDI as a tool to partner with us, to be standing where we are today, as a stable ministry… It’s been a good thing doing Kingdom work together.”

According to the Carricos, working with BDI is different from working with other agencies because of relationships

From the day-to-day interactions with their strategy team, to the one-on-one development consulting they received from Shellie Speer, Senior Vice President of BDI Academy, Lou says, “You don’t feel like you’re just working with a vendor… You’re working with people who love the Lord and want the best for you – people of integrity.” 

For the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission, these relationships have not only been invaluable and a key part of what it is like to work with BDI… but have also contributed to off-the-charts results.

“Our budget went up an extra million dollars a year… and our overall giving doubled.”

We are praising God for this incredible testimony! BDI is honored to be a partner the Lord has used to strengthen and expand the ministry of the Winston-Salem Rescue Mission in their community. Together, we are releasing generosity to heal a hurting world.

Every organization we serve alongside is a valued client partner and co-laborer in God’s Kingdom work. We are always eager to save and change more lives with our team of nonprofit client partners.

If you’re wondering if BDI might be a tool God uses to grow YOUR ministry, we’d love to connect with you. Please reach out to Kevin Bryant, our Director of Client Partnership, to learn more today!

  • Kevin Bryant

    Kevin Bryant, Director of Client Partnership

    Internationally recognized as an ECHO and ADDY Award winning creative talent, Kevin is a fundraising veteran with clients including; The North American Mission Board, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Precept and Guidepost Ministries, and Samaritan’s Purse. Having worked on both the agency and client side, he’s dedicated to building a bridge between the two to make programs and partnerships successful.

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