What is it like to be a new BDI client?

Our client partner Eileen Trussell, from UGM Sacramento, shares her thoughts!

Wonder what it’s like when you join BDI as a new client? We’re glad you asked! We asked a few of our newest client partners to share their stories with us… and now we’re sharing them with you.

First on the list is Union Gospel Rescue Mission of Sacramento, who joined our BDI team in July 2021. We sat down with their Development Director Eileeen Trussell to get her thoughts on working with BDI for the first time…

“Digital marketing, media, advertising… it was the first time we’ve ever done it and it went so smoothly,” Eileen shares. The BDI Team was excited to help this nonprofit branch out into new areas of fundraising, and help them reach even more hurting people! 

You might be thinking… Sure, it was a smooth transition. But what about their results with BDI?

We’ll let Eileen tell you about the results they’ve seen during their time with BDI:

“The results are there… the ROIs are off the charts. We increased our giving and it’s so much higher. It’s just been really incredible. We’ve escalated our public outreach tremendously in just a few month’s time because of BDI.”

BDI is proud of the relationships we have with our clients – and that we’re still partners with two of our very first clients who joined us back when we started out in 2004. That’s nearly 20 years of working together!  

Every one of our client partners is a valued part of our team, and we cherish the opportunity to serve alongside them as they strengthen people’s lives… and transform their communities. We’re always on the lookout for other nonprofit organizations that might be a good fit to join our team so we can further their mission to make the world a better place.

Intrigued by what you see here? We would love to share how BDI can help your fundraising program release generosity to help a hurting world. If you want to chat with us, reach out to Kevin Bryant, our Director of Client Partnership, today!

  • Kevin Bryant

    Kevin Bryant, Director of Client Partnership

    Internationally recognized as an ECHO and ADDY Award winning creative talent, Kevin is a fundraising veteran with clients including; The North American Mission Board, Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Precept and Guidepost Ministries, and Samaritan’s Purse. Having worked on both the agency and client side, he’s dedicated to building a bridge between the two to make programs and partnerships successful.

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