Justine Morales, Digital Implementation Specialist

Meet BDI’s Digital Implementation Specialist, Justine

Have you ever wondered about the person behind the BDI emails in your inbox? Digital Implementation Specialist Justine Morales has been firing off emails (and taking names!) since October 2018. Her positivity, passion, and go-getter attitude has led to a career that she never would’ve anticipated.

Since joining the BDI team, Justine’s discovered an unforeseen passion for digital communication and marketing. As our Digital Implementation Specialist, Justine oversees the deployment of BDI emails and monthly eAppeal campaigns. She also works with our partners to update websites, build donation pages, and input campaign art. “I like digital because it’s engaging,” she said. “It pushes me to grow consistently and constantly.”

Outside of BDI, Justine spends her time reading, gardening with her husband, practicing the piano, and hanging out with her orange cat, Daisy. For the past two years, she has served as a volunteer Board Member at the San Gabriel Educational Foundation. Volunteering provides an outlet to give back, spread positivity, and express her appreciation for the community.

This heart of gratitude is carried beyond volunteering, into each aspect of Justine’s life. “There is a lot of value in trying to see the positive side of situations,” she said. “If you approach life with the intent of enjoying it, you’re more likely to actually enjoy it.”

Although she continues to embrace wherever life takes her, Justine never would’ve predicted a career in digital communication and marketing. After receiving her degree from the University of Redlands for Creative Writing and Music, she was hired as a creative writing intern for an online magazine. It didn’t take long before she was moved from the writing department to Project Management. “I wasn’t a good writer,” Justine said. “But they kept me because I was a hard worker.”

During her time as an intern, Justine connected with Sophie Alpert, Founder of Piece by Piece LA. After hearing Sophie’s story, Justine realized that she too had the capacity to make a career in the nonprofit world. She had discovered her passion and set out on the first steps towards opening her own organization. To gain experience in the industry, Justine connected with BDI and quickly became an essential part of our team.

In future years, Justine plans to attend graduate school and eventually start her own agency that works to improve competence between nonprofit organizations and digital platforms. Until then, she will continue growing, molding, and expanding her digital capabilities on the BDI team.

“I’m grateful for the peace that comes with where I’m currently at,” Justine said. “Every day is a joy because I get to work hard and help someone. I don’t know exactly how that work will change for me 10 years from now, but I look forward to taking every day as it comes.”

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