3 Resources to Grow Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Channels

By Katrina Williams, Marketing Manager

Social media has revolutionized our ability to reach people around the globe. Today, June 30, is the official recognition of social media’s impact on global communication. 

It’s because of social media, that billions of people (3.5 billion in fact!) can instantly connect, learn, ask questions, get news, and share insights with individuals anywhere in the world. 

For nonprofits, social media has opened the door to billions of potential donors, new supporters, and industry experts who are excited and willing to share their findings.

In honor of Social Media Day, I’m sharing 3 of BDI’s top articles on the subject. They’re filled with practical tips on how to grow your nonprofit’s social media channels:

  1. 3 Secrets to Writing Engaging Social Media Captions for Nonprofits 
  2. What to Post on each Social Media channel for Nonprofits
  3. 4 Steps to a Strong Nonprofit Social Media Program

These resources will help elevate your strategy, drive traffic, boost engagement, and ultimately inspire your followers to help support your cause.

And since it is a holiday after all, here’s a free (yes, free) downloadable Social Media 101 Guide with applicable tips for your nonprofit’s social media… including image styles and sizes, post examples, and even copy templates that you can use for your nonprofit’s posts! 

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