Steps to Strong Community Engagement for Your Nonprofit

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From Lolly Colombo, Executive Vice President, Client Services

When so many organizations are constantly vying for the attention (and dollars) of nonprofit supporters… how does your organization stand out?

And once you have caught their attention, how do you turn engaged community members into long-term donors

Boosting community engagement at your nonprofit can be time consuming, taxing, and discouraging to your staff. BUT, by building a strong foundation of core principles and communication techniques, your team will have the launch pad they need to make a big splash in your community!

On BDI’s recent Empower Webinar, expert marketer and fundraiser Thom Scott, shared the first steps to rallying supporters around your cause. He also discussed several simple, attention-grabbing techniques to use in your campaign messaging. Check it out! 

Don’t have time to watch the full webinar? Jump to the section that is most helpful for you, and come back to watch the rest of the video later! 

Thom’s steps to successful Community Engagement:

  1. Establish strong principles and values across your organization that unite your staff, and propel them forward to do great work at your organization. This will unify your messaging and align your relationships moving forward. Here’s how>>
  1. Talk through your goals and implement communication techniques that grab the attention of your community and keep them connected to the great work that you are doing. Here’s how>>
  1. Adapt these principles to be specific to your nonprofit cause and mission. Adjust your campaigns and messaging to communicate with your specific audience. Here’s how>> 

And don’t miss this insightful Q&A with Thom Scott from our webinar audience>>

  • Lolly Colombo, Exec VP Client Services

    Lolly Colombo, Chief Client Officer

    With over 30 years of program and agency experience, Lolly Colombo has brought her passion, expertise and heart of service to some of the world’s most beloved charities and faith-based organizations. She has had the pleasure of serving with Food for the Hungry, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing International,TBN, In Touch Ministries, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, The Salvation Army, Gospel Rescue Missions and others.

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