McKennah Williams, BDI Director of People & Culture

QUICK SHOT: Creating a Culture of Employee Appreciation

Increase retention and boost productivity on your team with these tips

By McKennah Williams, Director of People & Culture

A recent article from Harvard Business Review noted a significant gap between how much managers say they appreciate their employees and how appreciated those employees actually feel. This is important because studies also show that employees who feel appreciated are more productive, engaged and less likely to quit!

Now for the good news – showing appreciation is simple, and all it takes is intention! Here are a few ways you can express gratitude for your hardworking team:

1. Say “thank you” often

It’s easy to forget to show appreciation for your colleagues when you’re busy! However, taking the time to say “thank you” can make a big difference in how your team feels about their work. Whether it’s in person, via email or through a handwritten note, taking the time to express your gratitude shows your employees that you value their contributions to the company.

At BDI, saying thank you has taken many forms… but always makes team members feel valued:

  • A bulletin board where employees shared anonymous “notes of appreciation” for their colleagues.
  • A quarterly employee-nominated recognition program where outstanding team members are elected “Employee of the Quarter” by their peers.
  • “Thank you treats” or other events hosted by one department in recognition or appreciation of another department.

2. Recognize their achievements

Publicly recognizing your employees’ achievements is a powerful way to show your gratitude and appreciation. Whether it’s in a staff meeting or a company-wide email, taking the time to acknowledge your employees’ hard work and success shows that you appreciate their efforts. Additionally, recognizing employees for their achievements can also inspire others to strive for excellence.

One of the ways BDI celebrates the achievements of our team members is through our Innovation Award program. Employees may submit their “innovations” – anything from process improvements, to cost-saving solutions and more – for consideration and a financial award!

3. Celebrate milestones

Celebrate significant milestones, such as work anniversaries, birthdays or the completion of a long-term project. Small gestures, such as a cake, a card or a personalized message, can go a long way in showing your employees that you appreciate their contributions and value their presence in the organization.

4. Offer professional development opportunities

Investing in your employees’ professional development is another way to show gratitude. By offering opportunities for learning and growth, you demonstrate that you are committed to their success and value their contributions to the company. 

Professional development can include training sessions, workshops and conferences, as well as opportunities for mentorship and coaching, and even tuition reimbursement for programs that contribute to their professional growth. Investing in your employees and showing your appreciation is always a smart business move. If you’re looking for better employee retention, take the time to strengthen your team by showing them how much you care today!

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  • McKennah Williams, Director of Human Resources

    McKennah Williams, Senior Director of People & Culture

    McKennah brings a wealth of experience in various sectors, where she honed her people skills and oversight in various roles. Before joining BDI in 2015, she worked in real estate and property management. McKennah was a member of the BDI Project Management and Finance teams before finding her perfect niche here in Human Resources.

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