QUICK SHOT: Nonprofit HR – 3 reasons to invest in your human resources

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From McKennah Williams, Director of Human Resources  

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Human resources (HR) isn’t always a priority when your organization is small and the budget is lean – and that’s especially true for nonprofits. Whether you have a human resources team of one or a dedicated HR department, here are 3 reasons why investing in your nonprofit’s human resources now is beneficial in the long run:

1) Your people are your most important asset.

The hard work and dedication of your staff is the most important factor in the success or failure of your organization’s goals. That’s why investing in your nonprofit’s human resources is critical. 

In today’s talent market, now more than ever, employees are looking to the workplace for more than just a paycheck. Many industries have seen record-breaking staff turnover. 

Investing in human resources to develop a healthy culture and inspiring workplace will increase employee retention and attract new employees who want to be part of your organization for the long haul. 

2) Focusing on human resources will amplify your organization’s mission and vision.

When your staff is inspired by your vision and working toward a common mission, your organization will be better positioned to grow and achieve your goals. By investing in your nonprofit’s human resources, you can cultivate this environment of growth.

From employee onboarding to performance management, human resources is the only department involved in each developmental step an employee takes within your organization. This provides a unique opportunity for your human resources staff to make each step an impactful touchpoint that reinforces your company culture and values. 

3) Human resources will help develop your organization’s future leaders. 

One way you can invest in your nonprofit’s human resources is by encouraging your leadership team to work closely with HR to align talent planning with your strategic initiatives. 

Talent management involves getting the right people in the right positions and helping them develop in their roles in your organization. When you do this, you’ll see greater staff retention and increased employee morale, and your staff will be equipped to meet your organizational goals. 

In the past, human resources was seen as a reactive department focused on solving employee issues and processing paperwork. In today’s workforce, investing in HR is a proactive step – do this and you will develop a thriving workplace culture and strong team that can help you meet your organizational goals. 

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  • McKennah Williams, Director of Human Resources

    McKennah Williams, Senior Director of People & Culture

    McKennah brings a wealth of experience in various sectors, where she honed her people skills and oversight in various roles. Before joining BDI in 2015, she worked in real estate and property management. McKennah was a member of the BDI Project Management and Finance teams before finding her perfect niche here in Human Resources.

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