Part 1: It all began with a vision to change the world

Take a look back at where BDI started and how far we’ve come!

Just like any great hero story, BDI’s history started with one person – Randy Brewer – and his determination to make the world a better place. That’s what led him to create our agency back in 2004, and it’s the principle that still guides everything we do.

We are proud to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. We are excited to celebrate our 20th anniversary this year. But we recognize that this achievement is not about us… it’s about the incredible people who have dedicated their time and talents to promote healing and transformation in their communities and around the world. It’s about all the wonderful client partners who have honored us with their belief in our BDI team and have graciously invited us to be a part of the amazing work they are doing.

Today, we would like to take you back to our humble beginnings and share some of the milestones that occurred along the way. Perhaps you’ll remember some or you even had a hand in making it happen!

“BDI has been there for me through all of my adult milestones.”

– Anna Koons, Creative Content Manager

2004-2008: Our story begins

Randy Brewer starts his own agency with a dream and three clients – Long Beach Rescue Mission, Wheeler Mission and Kansas City Rescue Mission. As Randy and his small team served, God blessed their efforts and other Missions came on board.

Fun fact: Long Beach Rescue Mission believes so strongly in Randy’s vision that they invest in our fledgling agency.

2009-2013: An exciting new chapter

We enter the digital arena by sending out our first digital fundraising appeals and launch our first client conference: BDI Institute. We pledge our commitment to maintaining employee work-life balance by creating a Wellness Program.

2014-2019: We add in new players

By integrating with ENEX GROUP, we gain new capabilities and client partners. As Randy’s health declines, MT joins as our CEO and President and ushers in a new era as we live out our new tagline: “Releasing generosity to help a hurting world.”

Fun fact: Our capital campaign for Wheeler Mission’s 125th anniversary raises an incredible $4.2 million… exceeding their goal of $1.25 million.

2020-2024: The plot thickens

Our vision shifts to encompass a larger goal. By integrating with IdeaRaising, we gain new partners in areas of service and global outreach. We get a bold new makeover, move into a new office and launch our Empower Summit for employees, vendors and clients.Fun fact: BDI goes global by partnering with Global Christian Relief and Operation Mobilization to serve internationally.

“I just think I’m a changed and better person because of this place.”

– Carmen Campbell, Senior Director of Production

While we don’t know yet what the next 20 years hold in store for all of us here at BDI, one thing remains consistent: our commitment to release generosity throughout our communities – both locally and around the world.

Be on the lookout for future emails as we share more of our story. We’ll take a closer look at where BDI is at this moment in time, and we’ll give you a sneak peek at our vision for the future as we continue to anticipate and face the changing landscape of philanthropy. Onward and upward!

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With gratitude for your compassion,

Michael J. Tomlinson CEO and President BDI
  • Michael Tomlinson, BDI CEO and President

    Michael J. Tomlinson, CEO and President

    Michael J. Tomlinson, better known as “MT,” is the CEO and President of BDI. With more than 25 years of executive leadership in business development and media, MT’s expertise involves leading organizations like Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk and Dunham+Company in the ideation and execution of successful integrated marketing, broadcast and digital media, and fundraising strategies that fuel growth.

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