Is Direct Mail Dead?

Find out why direct mail is still the undisputed fundraising champ in this 2-minute video from our “Insider Tips” series!

From Shellie Speer, Senior VP, BDI Academy

Clients often ask, “Is direct mail still relevant or is it dying? Why not just move all of our fundraising to digital?”  

As digital marketing continues to grow and overshadow more traditional forms of marketing, it’s understandable why those questions are asked. But rest assured – stats prove there is still magic in direct mail!

Direct mail may be a simple marketing strategy that goes back for decades, but recent research shows that this channel of marketing still has plenty to offer. Here are a few reasons why …

  • Response rates are higher than ever. According to a top analytics firm, response rates for direct mail continue to outpace email, paid search, display and social media campaigns.
  • Direct mail integrates with digital. This allows both offline and online opportunities for donors to be engaged. And we know that a multi-channel donor is your best giver!
  • Direct mail can be highly personalized. Changing technology allows more opportunity for segmentation and customization in direct mail. This helps the donor feel like your organization really knows and understands his or her giving habits.
  • Donors are receiving less incoming mail. According to the United States Postal Service, the volume of mail, especially from businesses, continues to decline year after year. This definitely thins out the competition for your direct mail piece! 

So when it comes to marketing, remember… don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Use a multi-channel approach that engages both online and offline strategies to help meet your growth goals.

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Ready to get started? Check out my video, Is Direct Mail Dead? at the link below and watch for all of my Insider Tip videos!


Strategy Sheet – Direct Mail: The Energizer Bunny of Your Fundraising Strategy

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  • Shellie Speer

    Shellie Speer-Burnett, Senior Vice President, BDI Academy

    With over 30 years of partnership in Rescue Missions and nonprofit organizations, Shellie Speer-Burnett brings her expertise, counsel and philanthropic-centered passion to assist in furthering the work of BDI’s Rescue Mission clients. For 22 years of her career, she served as the Founder and President/CEO of her own agency, ENEX Group, which helped her clients capture hearts and donor loyalty in their communities.

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