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QUICK SHOT: Best of Quick Shot 2020 – 5 MUST-READ articles

Finish this sentence: 2020 has taught me…

Perseverance? Patience? Flexibility? Innovation?

We learned more this year than we ever could have anticipated. 2020 exposed new trends in the nonprofit industry, revitalized the nation’s spirit of philanthropy and expanded our understanding of ourselves, each other and how we function as a team.

I have been inspired and encouraged by the BDI team, who have been flexible and optimistic while using strategy-driven results and research to drive innovative campaigns throughout this challenging year.

Alongside the Client Services team, there’s been a whole squad of top-level leaders within BDI who, on YOUR behalf, shared their knowledge and research this year. And I don’t want you to miss it!

Here’s our best of Quick Shot 2020 – our top 5 articles to help you amplify your mission, elevate your organization and launch you into the new year.

1. Death, Taxes and Donor Attrition >>

Dive deeper into your communication tools for connecting with new donors who gave during a crisis and retaining them long-term.

2. 4 Tips For Leaders Facing Difficult Decisions >>

In the midst of planning for 2021, take a deep breath and remember these 4 tips in the midst of making difficult decisions.

3. Strengthen Donor Relationships During Crisis >>

As the giving season comes to a close, here are 5 important ways to ensure that you have a trustworthy and dependable bridge to your donors.

4. What Does a Data Geek Do for Fun? >>

What is donor flagging and how can it benefit your donor communication plan in the year ahead? Here are some best practices to amplify and simplify your data records.

5. Overwhelmed by Choices in Digital Marketing? >>

With online giving on the rise, here are 4 easy tips to assess the strength and strategy of your digital platforms.

It’s time to take the many lessons that we’ve learned this year and move forward together. To stay connected and continue learning from one another, join our conversations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Let’s stand (virtually) arm in arm and step boldly into the year ahead!

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  • Lolly Colombo, Exec VP Client Services

    Lolly Colombo, Chief Client Officer

    With over 30 years of program and agency experience, Lolly Colombo has brought her passion, expertise and heart of service to some of the world’s most beloved charities and faith-based organizations. She has had the pleasure of serving with Food for the Hungry, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Operation Blessing International,TBN, In Touch Ministries, The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, The Salvation Army, Gospel Rescue Missions and others.

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