5 Nonprofit Digital Trends in 2022

Get your campaigns ready with these five nonprofit digital trends coming your way in 2022

From Stephanie Tippitt, BDI VP Digital Strategy 

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“Appreciate the past. Focus on the present. Protect the future.” 

2022 is here and it’s time for a fresh start! As the BDI digital team steps into a new year, we’re continuing to evolve strategies, plan for the future, and research nonprofit digital trends in 2022. 

During this time, I have been reflecting upon one of my favorite quotes: 

Appreciate the past. Focus on the present. Protect the future.” 

This quote, although relevant in both my personal and professional life, perfectly portrays how I look at nonprofit digital marketing and fundraising in 2022. 

Appreciate the past.

Though COVID has been a terribly difficult season for so many of us, generosity abounded. Nonprofits across the country were blessed by the extreme generosity of donors who stepped in and helped with the overwhelming need. We’ve seen record giving levels, as high as 100% growth in year over year giving!

Focus on the present.

At BDI, I have the privilege of working alongside incredibly generous, life-changing nonprofit organizations, helping them connect with donors and raise money through digital marketing. 

Today, digital fundraising continues to grow year over year, with an increasing number of traditional donors becoming more comfortable giving online. This migration to online giving was accelerated in 2020 and 2021. In Blackbaud’s 2020 Annual Giving report, 12.9% of revenue on average came through online giving and we expect to see continued growth in the year ahead. 

Protect the future.

Looking back at the challenges and successes we’ve seen over the last year, there are several core strategies that should be included in your nonprofit digital program in the year ahead.

Today, I want to share five not-to-miss nonprofit digital trends coming your way in 2022! And check out the full articles for an even deeper read. 

5 Nonprofit Digital Trends in 2022

  1. Flexible Giving Options will unlock generosity. Couldn’t agree more. And I would add…if your donation page is not easy to use on mobile – that should be first on your list. 
  2. Recurring Giving will expedite the move to fundraising entirely online. Wow. Over the last 18 months, nonprofits have gained hundreds and thousands of new recurring donors. I was reviewing results with a client recently, and almost 50% of their total revenue came from recurring giving donors. That’s incredible!

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  1. Master the art of plain language. Love this! The concept is to speak and write in plain language that the reader understands. Sometimes we work so hard at sounding “smart,” that we lose the readers along the way. 
  2. Prioritize your email campaigns. Email marketing continues to produce results and there is room to grow by paying attention to list hygiene & deliverability, list segmentation, content variety and email list growth tactics. 
  3. Tik Tok. Yep, it’s time to dip your toe in the water! It’s the platform of choice for Gen Z with 37.3 million members. Last year, TikTok launched Tik Tok For Good, which is still in its early stages but something to watch. Open an account and get familiar with the channels. Though your donors may not be there yet, they will be soon.  

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Conclusion: ‘Protect the Future’ at Nonprofits in 2022

We believe in abundance, not scarcity. These last 18 months have confirmed there are plenty of generous people to share their wealth with organizations that dedicate themselves to serve others. 

Nonprofits will need to be agile, flexible, innovative and authentic in connecting the donor with the opportunity to give in the way they want to give. This is how we protect the future.

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  • Stephanie Tippitt

    Stephanie Tippitt, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy

    With more than 20 years of professional experience in digital media and cross-channel marketing, Stephanie has spent her career helping clients realize the potential of digital. As the Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy for BDI, she uses her experience to guide clients through digital development such as website optimization, email marketing, data-driven analytics and tracking, paid digital media and new media trends. She regularly coaches internal and external teams on Digital Marketing Strategies and tactics that can be used to reach more donors and generate increased revenue.

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