How does BDI set up clients to succeed?

Our client partner Kyle Gorman, from Evansville Rescue Mission, talks about how we’ve walked alongside him since day one! 

So you might be asking yourself… what is it really like to be a client partner with BDI? Well, the best way to hear about it is from our actual clients and friends! 

We asked a few of our long-standing clients to share their stories with us… and now we’re sharing them with you.

Today, we want to share the story of our friend Kyle Gorman, the Director of Development at Evansville Rescue Mission. He talks about when he first stepped into his role at the Mission and how BDI gave him the confidence and skills to succeed…

“When I started my position, I was 22 coming into a Director of Development role. It was a very big role for anybody’s age, so I immediately contacted Shellie Speer and asked, ‘What do you need to start that conversation?’” Kyle remembers. 

Shellie, our Senior VP of BDI Academy, immediately sprang into action and started meeting with Kyle and other members of his team every week or so.

But the story doesn’t end there! BDI is committed to providing the ongoing care and support our clients need – from when they first partner with us, through every day of our relationship.

Kyle shares more about the support he’s received during his time with BDI:

“More than a mentor, Shellie has become one of my greatest friends – especially in a professional role. It’s just awesome to be able to spend time with our strategists… we consider ourselves family, and having our team at BDI is no different. We’ve never had any other direct mail company… you were the ones that were there first and have been with us ever since. Everything we get to do with you guys is incredible.”

BDI is proud that Evansville Rescue Mission joined us as our 13th Rescue Missions client all those years ago – and continues to partner with us today. We’ve both grown and adapted together, and we are stronger today because of the relationships we’ve made!  

Each client we are blessed to partner with is unique – and it’s an honor to be a small part of the life-changing work they are doing in their communities. 

We’re always on the lookout for other nonprofit organizations that might be a good fit to join our team so we can further their mission to make the world a better place.

Want to learn more about what BDI can do for you? We would love to discuss ways to support your fundraising program as you release generosity to help a hurting world. If you want to chat with us, reach out to Kevin Bryant, our Director of Client Partnership, today!

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