Employee Spotlight: BDI Director of Digital Strategy

A life lived with purpose.

“Caffeine is king…”

“Justice oriented….”

“Ready for adventure…”

The energy that emanates from Nicole Ige-Hutto is infectious. Organic. You can’t help but feel excited and motivated after speaking with her. (She’d make a GREAT spin instructor.)

Perhaps this energy stems from her active lifestyle. She’s passionate about healthy eating and her daily studio classes at the gym. Or her energy could come from the intentional balance she is committed to creating in her life. 

As hard as Nicole works as BDI’s Director of Digital Strategy – spending long hours building integrated digital programs for our custom and national client partners – she works equally hard at building times of rest into her days. 

So if she’s not working away on her computer, you might find her sipping a cup of coffee on her front porch with her husband… tending to her garden… or enjoying an evening stroll around her neighborhood in beautiful Southern California. 

However Nicole spends her time, you can be sure of one thing: each activity has been consciously, deliberately chosen for joy and purpose. Nicole is not the kind of person who passively lets life pass by. She is crafting it exactly as she wants it to be – and it’s inspiring.

“I want to add something meaningful to the world,” Nicole says. “I believe people are created with a purpose – and I want to help others live out their purpose.”

This purpose is the reason Nicole transitioned from the for-profit world to a career with nonprofits – and she has no plans to go back. She is passionate about breaking down barriers that keep people stuck in situations of poverty and abuse. She has spent over 10 years working with nonprofits around the world – from national organizations, to small nonprofits in rural India, to local nonprofits in Southern California.

However – consistent with her desire for balance – Nicole holds space in her life for adventure as well. So as likely as you are to find her working away in her home office, you could just as easily find her in Timbuktu. That’s one of Nicole’s life mottoes…

“I’m down to roll. If a friend asks me to go overseas in a week… to China or anywhere else… if I can make it work, I will,” she says. “I want to spend my life doing what I love, with the people I love.”

When Nicole talks about doing what she loves, with the people she loves – we like to think she’s also talking about her work with BDI’s staff and client partners. Because based on what we know about her, she simply wouldn’t be BDI’s Director of Digital Strategy if she didn’t believe it was part of her life’s purpose. 

And the feeling is mutual…

Nicole, we love you too. Thank you for being a part of BDI’s purpose in our last 20 years…. impacting lives around the world through your service to our client partners!

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

“I was born and raised on an active volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island. It was very rural… across from a farm with horses and cows. I have childhood memories of throwing rocks into the lava. I moved to the mainland just before 9th grade.”

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