Brewer Direct (BDI), Shellie Speer, Sr. VP Brewer Academy

Shellie Speer named BDI’s Senior VP, Brewer Academy

Shellie Speer, BDI’s former Executive VP Client Strategic Development, recently assumed a new role as BDI’s Senior VP, Brewer Academy.

In this innovative position, Shellie will serve as BDI ambassador and trusted advisor, providing guidance, training and encouragement to Rescue Mission teams. Among her many responsibilities will be to counsel clients on fundraising development and best practices; present ongoing training to build loyal donor relationships and resource stability; develop content that addresses client needs and interests; and introduce BDI processes to new clients.

She will also continue to take the lead in building strategies, directing campaigns and serving clients in BDI’s Explorer tier.

“I love spending time with our Rescue Mission clients and sharing my knowledge, experience and expertise,” Shellie says. “I love helping them walk through difficult situations and come out better on the other side.”

For Shellie, this change represents the culmination of her more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of nonprofit fundraising. Before joining BDI in 2016, she spent 22 years as Founder and President/CEO of her own agency, ENEX Group, where she specialized in helping Rescue Missions strengthen their financial foundations and partnerships within their communities.

“The executive team has been working closely with Shellie to leverage her tremendous gifts and lead our efforts in this new and exciting division of our organization,” says Michael “MT” Tomlinson, BDI’s President and CEO. “Shellie is energized by this opportunity to help Rescue Missions take their ability to serve to a whole new level.”

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