Transformational Leadership: What it looks like at your nonprofit

Watch this webinar to learn how to implement transformational leadership at your nonprofit

From Lolly Colombo, Executive Vice President Client Services

Watch Time: 45 min.

A few months ago, I hosted a BDI webinar on The Power of Transformational Leadership. I was inspired to host this webinar by the many conversations I’ve had in recent months with nonprofit leaders who are having a hard time retaining employees, transitioning in new leadership, and finding talent who are anxious to grow and contribute more to their organizations. 

Transformational Leadership – as a leadership style – is often touted as the most effective leadership style because it is an approach that not only directs, motivates, guides and manages people, but also inspires, stimulates, encourages, maximizes, optimizes, empowers, elevates and develops the skills, talents and capacity of those you are leading to become leaders themselves.

In short… Your job as a transformational leader in your organization is to light your team on fire. 

As a nonprofit who runs on passion and mission, Transformational Leadership is a perfect leadership structure to consider implementing at your organization. Today, we will talk about how to become a Transformational Leader. And please share with your team!

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  • Lolly Colombo, Exec VP Client Services

    Lolly Colombo, Chief Client Officer

    Lolly has been in the trenches with compassion work on both the program side and the agency side for thirty years serving some of the world’s most beloved charities and faith-based organizations including The Salvation Army, Operation Blessing International, Food for the Hungry, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, CBN, In Touch Ministries, and others.

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