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At BDI, we believe fundraising is about more than raising money. It’s about unlocking the resources you need to impact lives… and change our world.

This understanding is at the heart of what we do and informs our multi-channel fundraising solutions that motivate generosity and win donors to your cause.

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Research & Data:
Where great ideas start

Discover the rich story of your data – who your donors are, what offers compel them and why they respond in the ways they do.

BDI’s real-time data dashboards empower you with the fundraising knowledge you need to succeed now and in the future.

Performance Analysis

Understand which strategies are working and key areas for improvement. See how simple tweaks can make the greatest difference to your ROI.

Research Studies

Dive deeper into what makes your donors tick. BDI can help design and execute custom research studies to provide insights into industry trends and donor behavior.


Plan for the future and scale for growth over multi-year timelines. Our team can help you chart a data-backed course to reach your goals.

Planning & Strategy: Charting a course to reach your goals

Your organization is destined to grow – and BDI can help your team scale for greater impact.

Through thoughtful planning and fundraising strategies proven to work for nonprofits, we make expanding your services possible… so you can help more people.

Here’s how we do it:

Data-Driven Campaign Planning

Let the data be your guide with BDI’s fundraising offers tested for over 20 years and across channels to help you maximize your results.

Campaign Management

A dedicated team of BDI Strategists will meet with you regularly to discuss campaign performance and make any adjustments needed for optimized results.

Custom Consulting

BDI Academy works hand-in-hand with our Strategy team to offer custom consulting and development support to help you in any area you seek to grow. Learn more about BDI Academy, a complimentary service for our client partners.>

Multi-Channel Creative: Bringing your strategies to life

Your cause is of the utmost, life-saving importance… but how do you break through the noise of an oversaturated and distracted market?

BDI provides creative solutions – backed by proven strategies – to not only attract donors’ attention, but cultivate their long-term support.


Consistent branding is key to earning your donors’ trust. Whether you’re looking to refresh existing branding or start from scratch, BDI’s talented team of designers and writers can help.

Direct Mail

Print communications are a cornerstone of any successful development program. The results of our monthly mail campaigns, quarterly newsletters and special projects prove time and again that direct mail is not dead but thriving!

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Strategic Programs: From winning donors to lifting support

In the long-game of fundraising, you’ll need strategic programs to reach new donors… and cultivate their support at any level.

See how a donor’s first gift can become the start of an enduring partnership through the support of targeted campaigns.

Sustainer Program Development

BDI can help you build a recurring or monthly giving program from the ground up – or tap into the potential of an existing program.

Mid-Level Program

Mid-level donors are becoming one of the fastest growing segments in nonprofit data files. Discover their potential with BDI’s targeted mid-level communications.

Awareness & Capital Campaigns

It’s critical that donors know about your cause – and that people who need your help know where to find it. Whether you seek to rally donors around a special fundraising goal or amplify awareness about your services, BDI can help you launch a multi-channel media blitz worthy of attention.

See how one nonprofit’s public awareness campaign on addiction recovery led to a 24-hour hotline… and 850 calls in the first 3 months!
Read our latest Case Studies for more proven results of our strategic programs>

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