Moving Pictures

“We think of our craft as opening a window to the soul. At every Mission, there’s pathos and passion… and above all, joy. Hopefully, supporters will visually experience the love of a family restored.”

BDI Storytellers Team at Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis, IN

As a faith-first ministry, you operate by vision. Every piece of data, digital marketing, donor communication and leadership decision is made with your organizations’ vision in mind.

Nothing brings that unique vision to life quite like moving stories, photography and video. This is the window between your donors and the lives that are being transformed in your organization.

Capturing the heart of those you serve in powerful ways is what BDI’s Storytellers Team is all about. But great video and photography aren’t just pretty pictures. They increase results, drive traffic to your campaigns and elevate the true vision behind your brand. Through extensive market research and analytics from our own client campaigns, this has proven to be true. We’ve found…

  • On Facebook, engagement is highest on posts with videos.
  • Online video tops the charts as the most influential source in driving donations.
  • How nonprofits use, position, caption, and describe photographs on their homepage have a huge impact on the outcome of their appeals.
  • Stories are powerful. How you tell them and how long they are will affect donor response.

Here are some photos, videos, and “on-location” reflections from our BDI Storytellers Team. Through this media, you will see the heart of some great nonprofits, and glean insight into how video and photos can truly elevate your cause.

Reflections at Wheeler Ministries

“We’ve scripted stories for Hollywood.”

“But to us there’s no greater story than a life turned around and made whole.”

Watch Marvin’s Story

Reflections from Bay Area Rescue Mission

“Stepping on a Mission campus, you immediately get a sense that hope and goodness are happening there.”

“To get that perfect shot, sometimes you have to move fast and sometimes you just want for the right moment. And then… magic!”

Reflections at Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

“We want to portray not just the beauty of the external light…”

“…but that wonderful light that emanates from within.”

Coachella Valley Rescue Mission
Filming Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

Reflections from Buffalo City Mission

“We take great pains to film your most prominent supporters in the most favorable light.”

Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action! Overlooking the Buffalo Cityscape
Filming Mayor Byron Brown
Filming Mayor Byron Brown

Watch BCM’s Pick a Brick Video

“Many treat sound as an afterthought. We’re moved to make great sound (and music) speak to the soul.”

Brewer Storytellers

BDI Storytellers: focused on bringing your vision (and results) to life.

Brewer Storytellers collage

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  • Matt Sommer

    Matt Sommer, VP/Creative

    For over 30 years, Matt has created campaigns and helped raise money for nonprofit organizations, including World Vision, Joni and Friends, CBN, LIFE Outreach, Boy Scouts of America, Life Without Limbs, Joyce Meyer Ministries and The Salvation Army. Matt has also produced creative for corporate brands, including Coke, 7-Up, Kleenex, Purina and has written for major network television including CBS & Lifetime.

    Your vision is unique. But your messaging can get lost in a media-saturated world. Matt’s passion is helping clients execute communication that is as big and bold as their vision. By touching hearts with your distinct message, across all touchpoints, response magnifies.

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