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QUICK SHOT: Are you ready for more change?

BDI is here to help you ride the waves of change!

As the summer months come to a close, we look ahead to the coming season of new political, economic, social and philanthropic developments. At this point, you may feel like 2020 is a series of earthquakes and aftershocks. While stability may not be a realistic expectation anytime soon, there are always proactive ways to amplify your chances of achieving critical fundraising success.

That’s why we don’t want you to miss 5 important pivot points to help prepare and equip your organization to weather change and leverage opportunities to release more generosity.

On a recent episode of The Dunham Podcast, host and Dunham+Company President, Trent Dunham, and BDI CEO and President, Michael Tomlinson, connected to discuss 1) what’s happening right now, 2) what’s surprising, 3) what’s different, and 4) what’s coming next in the nonprofit industry.

As long-time colleagues and leaders of fundraising organizations that collectively serve more than 100 ministries today, they’re pleased to share key tips on navigating these exciting times.

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Here’s a brief summary of the 5 pivot points your organization should be thinking about when preparing for the months ahead:

  1. There’s power in data: Nonprofits have often struggled to fully assess and analyze their data – now is the time to change that! Taking a deep look into your nonprofit’s data and analytics will allow for a more nimble and informed strategy moving forward.
  2. Technology is here to stay: Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, digital and online engagement throughout the nation has skyrocketed. This will not go away. Now is the time to assess if your organization is using technology to properly represent your ministry, your brand and yourself.
  3. One-way communication is over: With the recent increase of digital engagement and communication, supporters are wanting to have a stronger voice in your organization. Embrace their desire to be involved by using your channels to engage supporters and alter your messaging to further integrate them into your ministry.
  4. Relationships are key: Maintaining relationships with your supporters might seem like a minor part of your nonprofit. But that is not the case. Thanking your supporters and being intentionally transparent in your communication will foster relationships in a way that better benefits your organization moving forward. If you have supportive relationships, everything else will fall into place.
  5. Do not ease up on communication: Now that you have spent the last few months being extra-intentional in your communication during this crisis, your supporters will continue to expect nothing less. As time moves on, it will be vital to continue the frequency, transparency and accessibility that your supporters have been experiencing from your organization.

Now that some challenging months are behind us, it’s time to take what we have learned and build a solid foundation for what lies ahead. Let’s do it, together!

To hear a more in-depth analysis of these steps, along with Michael Tomlinson and Trent Dunham’s history of serving nonprofit organizations together, check out the full episode.

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