They were considering a rebrand so BDI came up with a plan

Making informed decisions when it comes to your nonprofit branding is complex… confusing… even overwhelming… but it doesn’t have to be!

Get your copy of our case study to see how BDI helped one Rescue Mission that was pursuing a possible full rebrand of their organization – including a new name, logo, key messaging and visual identity.

BDI led this client through a data-driven decision process to inform the insights they needed to confidently move forward. With data in hand, BDI then worked with them to determine the best ways to represent this new brand visually and strategically in their community – and guided the brand transition process every step of the way.

We can do the same for you. With BDI’s targeted analysis and intelligent marketing research guiding your branding decisions, your efforts with any part of a rebranding effort – from a new name and logo to a new style guide – will be smooth and successful.

Just ask the Mission’s Executive Director, who shares:

Our partnership with BDI to strategize not only a new name, but a new vision for our organization set our ministry up for a future of success in inspiring and engaging donors for many years to come!”

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